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The Pathfinder Company specializes in selling agricultural properties in Nebraska and Western Iowa. Our experienced sales staff can perform real estate auctions, broker private contracts, real estate listings and facilitate exchanges. The Pathfinder Company’s agents will be of assistance to you every step of the way from the development of a customized sale plan to the closing of the transaction. If you are interested in selling your property contact our professional sales team today for a free, no-obligation, analysis of your property. We will help you list land for sale.


In order to reach the largest number of potential buyers we advertise in the following ways:

Sample Auction Sale Bill Farm Land Sales History Pathfinder Company Fremont, Nebraska IowaSale Flyer: A sale flyer provides details such as location, legal description, soil characteristics, FSA information, taxes, aerial photos, etc.

Sample Sales Flyer

Direct Mailings: Sale flyers are sent to our buyer/ investor list and to businesses local to the property. Area and absentee landowners in close proximity to the subject property also receive the flyers.

“For Sale”: A “For Sale” sign is placed in a prominent location on the property.

Advertising: Ads are placed in the local and regional news publications.

Website: All sales and listings are posted on our website.

Agent Availability: Our agents are happy to answer questions about the property from prospective buyers anytime, even after hours and on weekends.


List Land For Sale!